Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What if we need to Cancel due to weather?
A.Absolutely!! There will be no charge to you if we need to cancel or reschedule. If we feel there is bad weather (RAIN, WIND!!!, SNOW) we will contact you if you have not already contact us.
Q.What methods of payment do you take?
A.Cash/Check/Venmo/Credit Cards. We do ask for payment in full the day of the event.
Q.How much space is needed?
A.Each event is a different size but as an example, our 15’ x 15’ bounce house will need about 18’x18’ and clear or branches 12’ high.
Q.What type of Surface is needed for setup?
A.A level grass area is preferred, however, we do live in Colorado. We can also work with a slight slope. We can also setup on Turf, Pavement, and Gym Floors.
Q.What kind of power is required?
A.A standard 110v household outlet is perfect. We ask that the inflatable is setup within 100’ from the outlet. If you are setup at a park or outside 100’ from the outlet, we can supply a generator.
Q.Is Big Sky Bounce Insured?
A.YES!! Big Sky Bounce has one of the best policies with a one million dollar policy and a two million dollar aggregate. We also have most school districts under our additional insured policy so all school events are covered under our policy! Not only does Big Sky Bounce have a general liability, we also carry WORKMAN’S COMP insurance. Why do you want us to have this? If one of our delivery personal is injured on your property moving the events, you are not responsible for any costs.
Q.Is a deposit required?
A. In most cases, no a deposit is not required. We just ask for payment in full the day of the event.
Q.How long do I keep the rental?
A.All rental are FULL DAY RENTALS. We consider full day to be up to 6 hours. If additional time is needed, please let us know. We do need to have the inflatables picked up before dark.
Q.Do you Deliver and Set up?
A.ABSOLUTLY!! Big Sky Bounce Staff will deliver and set up each unit and ensure each unit is clean and in working condition well before the start time. Our staff will then return after your event to pickup the units. Setup and clean up is normally about 15-20 minutes.
Q.How can I get Inflatable Certificates?
A.If your school runs a full service Fun Run (Run4Funds) or Read-a-Thon (Read4Funds) we provide $175 gift certificates for the students/families. For more information, please contact us.
Q.What are your daily rates?
A.Our rates vary depending on backyard parties and community events (schools/churches). School that use the Full-Service Run4Funds or Read4Funds events also receive a “Partner Discount” as well. Click on “Get a Quote” and we will be able to provide a quote for your event. Get a Quote
If you have any other questions, please feel free to call us any time at: (720) 272-3673

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